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We are a finance brokerage specialising in business, commercial and home finance.

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How we help business owners

Securing finance for a business owner or the self-employed, can be a painful and time-consuming experience.
Duo Finance specialise in assisting businesses and self-employed clients with all their finance needs and can help guide you through the process to ensure you get the right outcome.

Our Difference

Success built on strong partnerships

We aren’t just helping you apply for finance, we are setting your business up with a secure future that you can be proud of. Partnering with us means you can give us a call whenever you have any questions or other lending requirements.


The DUO process

1. Initial meeting to fully understand your requirements

2. Review personal, business and financial information

3. Feedback following review and verify any relevant information

4. Marketplace analysis of potential lending options and solutions; meet with key lenders to discuss/negotiate options

5. Prepare the Credit Proposal

6. Provide recommendations to client and obtain client acceptance

7. Submit finance application to lenders and obtain formal offers/expressions of interest for your review.

8. Obtain formal approval & accept loan agreement

9. Prepare for settlement of finance

10. Ongoing support and loan management

Our approach
Smarter, safer, quicker

At Duo Finance, we know you don’t necessarily have time to master new processes or wade through spreadsheets just to get a grip on your finance. That’s why we’ve developed a straightforward and intuitive online process that you can pick up and understand straight away!
When you partner with Duo, you’ll know what’s required of you and what we’re working on at any time thanks to our fully confidential and secure online interface.

We welcome virtual meetings, utilise secure platforms that allow you to upload confidential documents with confidence, order online credit checks & online property reports, verify identification remotely via apps, and securely order all your bank statements (home & investment loans, transaction accounts, credit cards) within minutes. That means no email back-and-forth, no missing files and no headaches!

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Recent testimonials

"Thank you for your incredible work in helping us secure the right finance option for our complex commercial lending requirements"
ACKKA Developments Pty Ltd
"Duo Finance's process was very simple. They did all the research and got us the best interest rate deal/bank that suited us."
Carrissa Howman
"What an impeccable experience. They are attentive, patient, prompt and above all willing to go above and beyond to help their clients."
Trung Nguyen

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