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Business Finance

Access to Business Finance is essential to SME businesses. It allows them to expand into other markets, acquire new equipment and support ongoing working capital requirements. 

Your success is our success – with Duo Finance, you’ll be able to take advantage of exciting opportunities with confidence.

How we help business owners

Business Finance can be the difference between success and failure. Having access to the right finance when you need it is vital – without the right guidance and understanding of lending requirements, navigating this area can be a frustrating, confusing process.

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Business Finance – Loan Purpose

Working capital

Finance solutions to assist business cash flow / operational requirements. Being unable to secure working capital solutions or having the wrong solution can be problematic for a business and limit its growth potential. Duo can assist you in securing the most suitable solution for your business.

Business purchase

Obtaining finance to buy a business can be very challenging for many reasons. It requires careful due diligence and expertise in sourcing the appropriate finance and terms relevant to industry, gearing, future outlook etc. Our expertise can help you secure that next opportunity with a solution that gives you comfort moving forward.

Debt structuring

Access to finance is the main priority for many business owners. What can sometimes be overlooked, is the structure of the finance obtained. This is just as important when considering your options as the wrong structure can create longer term issues for the business and its owners. We can assist you in obtaining the right finance structure.

Business expansion

Whether you are looking to add an existing business to the mix, set up a new office or establish a brand-new venture from scratch. Maybe its finance to buy that bigger premises or additional stock, Duo can assist in providing you various solutions.

New equipment or vehicles

Purchasing new equipment, vehicles, or machinery is an essential part of many businesses and there future growth. For this reason, it is important you know what is available to you when considering a lease arrangement and to have multiple options. Leases can provide great cash flow and tax benefits depending on your situation.

Purchasing Stock

Depending on your cash flow cycle, sufficient cash is not always readily available to buy the stock you need, let alone capitalise on pricing benefits for buying in bulk. Lack of cash can prevent you adding that new product line to your business. Fortunately, there are various solutions available that can assist you in this area.

The DUO Process

For the full detailed DUO process, view and download here



1. Initial meeting to fully understand your requirements

2. Review personal, business and financial information

3. Feedback following review and verify any relevant information


Market research

4. Marketplace analysis of potential lending options and solutions; meet with key lenders to discuss/negotiate options

5. Complete the Finance Report/Statement of Credit Assistance for submission to the lender/s

6. Provide recommendations to client and obtain client acceptance


Formal submission

7. Submit finance application to lenders and obtain formal offers/expressions of interest for your review.

8. Obtain formal approval & accept loan agreement


Ongoing support

9. Prepare for settlement of finance

10. Ongoing support and loan management

Recent testimonials

"Thank you for your incredible work in helping us secure the right finance option for our complex commercial lending requirements"
ACKKA Developments Pty Ltd
"Duo Finance's process was very simple. They did all the research and got us the best interest rate deal/bank that suited us."
Carrissa Howman
"What an impeccable experience. They are attentive, patient, prompt and above all willing to go above and beyond to help their clients."
Trung Nguyen

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